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It is planned to release 4G version of Nokia 3310

Планируется выпуск 4G-версии Nokia 3310Back in July, Foxconn is involved in the development of mobile phones and smartphones Nokia, certified in China 4G version of Nokia 3310.

However, for some reason under the brand InFocus (also controlled by Foxconn), not Nokia. Since the HMD has released a 3G version of the Nokia 3310, and 4G models to date, not been heard.

Well, today even the Mehta, one of the top leaders of the Indian office, said that the Global HMD considers possibility of a Nokia 3310 with LTE. According to him, the company will release such a model, if they consider it “viable business solution.”

However, Even Mehta was only talking about the release of this model in India. It is possible that even if Nokia 3310 LTE will appear on the market, it is only in this country. The fact that this summer in India, a law was passed prohibiting, from 1 January 2018 the sale of phones without GPS support. Support navigation systems are rarely put in the iron for the push-button phones, so manufacturers are forced to rebuild and release the dialer with the chipset for budget smartphones, and they typically support and LTE. The first sign was the Reliance JioPhone with Qualcomm SoC 205, using the operating system KaiOS.

The success of this model by Mehta Even mentioned as the reason that made Global HMD to think about the release of the 4G version of the Nokia 3310 in India.

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