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“It is a disease”: the Patriarch of the pursuit of huskies in social networks

"Это болезнь": ​Патриарх Кирилл о погоне за лайками в соцсетяхPatriarch Kirill has called “a real illness” chase for the huskies in social networks.

The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill shamed unrestrained pursuit of users of social networks over the huskies.

“Today in our social networks, there is a real disease, especially when young people are ready to go on any actions, even sometimes the worst, a risk to life, only to have someone say that a photo depicting a particular act, he liked it. To determine such support, use the English word “like”, – the Patriarch said on Tuesday evening after the service in the Epiphany Cathedral in Moscow. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Now, some young people do not see any goal in life, like picking up those likes, and if not, then take it as a personal tragedy,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to the Patriarch, vanity one of the sins, “which makes a man an incredible sensitivity to how people assess it, and then the only purpose of life become actions, words and deeds directed to obtain the recognition from people”.

He also criticized modern culture, filled with, in his opinion, “visible images which will surely excite sinful thoughts”.

“The entire direction of civilization is in the direction to help the person to learn these sinful images. For many, it is important from the point of view of obtaining money, others are, perhaps, more dangerous targets, but the fact remains: there is almost no modern feature film in which there would be a way that can excite sinful thoughts,” said the Primate.

In the first days of lent, which began on Monday, the Patriarch celebrates the divine services in various churches of Moscow. During worship, read the Canon of St. Andrew of Crete, designed to configure the faithful to the penitential mood.

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