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It comes in the night and speaks OF FEAR

In the greedy paws of the Zone Horror caught featureda new independent horror Thriller, “It comes by night” (It Comes at Night). The video is a cut snippets from the film, interspersed with arguments of the Director and actors about the nature of the concept of “fear”. “It comes at night” we definitely expect a lot of exquisite types of fear from the suspense to the schizophrenic “everyone’s a suspect”.

Recall the story:

The history center will be a civilization destroying pandemic. The main characters of the picture – a father, mother and their teenage son, hiding from the plague in a house in the suburbs. The worst starts when their house is asking for the help of man, then the family is forced to choose – whether to show kindness, or to be safe from potential infection.

We have already learned about what films inspired the creators of “It comes at night” and this film played a famous goat. Russian premiere is scheduled for July 20, 2017.

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