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It became known who most often mosquitoes bite

Стало известно, кого чаще всего кусают комарыThe researchers decided to approach the study of “psychology of mosquitoes” from a scientific point of view.

So, studying mosquitoes and their preferences regarding human blood, the scientists came to the conclusion that most attacks of these insects are exposed to those of the first group (O). According to the researchers, mosquitoes are twice as likely to prefer to sit on the skin of people with first blood. Than the second and others.

But less often insects-bloodsuckers prefer people with third blood group. Therefore, they are not often exposed to attacks of mosquitoes at home and outdoors.

During the research, experts found that besides blood, there are other reasons that increase your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes. Among the factors that influence these chemical substances on the skin or clothes, which emit a variety of smells. These odors often depends on whether the insects to bite you or fly away. The researchers also found that bloodsuckers are attracted by the smell of sweat and produce carbon dioxide.

Another recent study showed that mosquitoes are often attracted to the smell of beer. At the same time, just put on the skin alcohol, no interest in insects, but did not deter them.

But in General, researchers say mosquitoes are attracted to bacteria. Rather the smell that they leave on our skin. And considering that most of these microorganisms are accumulated on the foot – in the ankle and foot – it is in these areas is the “center of gravity” for mosquitoes.

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