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It became known, where on Earth did the water

Стало известно, откуда на Земле появилась водаThe earth has not always been blue planet

American scientists from the Westphalia University named for Wilhelm, who explore the origin of our planet, has made another discovery.

They have launched a new version of the appearance of water on Earth, which negates the previously formed theory.

According to the statement of experts, the Earth has not always been a blue planet, as is commonly believed. American scientists have put forward two theories of the origin of water. The first is that the appearance of water earthlings are required to interplanetary drive that contains dust particles, which were adhered water molecules. The second theory States that the Ground water brought meteorites, which were covered with ice. To obtain this data, the scientists compared isotopes of ruthenium contained in the Earth’s mantle and meteorite from lake Tagish that in British Columbia. They believe that if the meteorites fell on the planet, while she was still formed, they were supposed to leave marks. If the water has been brought to Earth at that time, the levels of isotopes in the two objects would coincide. However, this did not happen.

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The experts also analysed the content of deuterium, which is one of the samples of the oldest basalts. Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen with one neuron.

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