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It became known, when will the racing simulator Gran Turismo Sport

 Стало известно, когда выйдет гоночный симулятор Gran Turismo SportThe game will be released in December this year.

Virtual racing simulator Gran Turismo Sport can be for sale in December of this year. He had to be presented a year ago, but developers decided not to hurry and to finish the game.

The developers of the virtual game Gran Turismo Sport decided to give a version of the update. According to, gamers will see a new fleet, with a unique range of cars. Besides, players can try their hand in racing a Porsche. Car cavalry in action is 140 units of transport equipment. Among the sets are both sports cars and normal cars.

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All events take place on the highways of the world. A virtual driver will be able to visit all regions, from Japan to America. Routes of motorways constructed in the 19 regions of the country, account for only 27 roads. The game can be synchronized with the virtual reality helmet. This will create a special feeling. With the help of a new product, you can not only enjoy the game but also learn the brands of cars.

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