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It became known when the roads will drive only electric cars

Стало известно, когда на дорогах будут ездить только электрокарыExperts told about the rosy future of electric cars.

Electric cars are every year becoming more and by 2035 they will completely replace models with internal combustion engines in the EU. This forecast was voiced in the report “a Breakthrough of electric vehicles threatens European concerns” from the Dutch Bank ING.

According to analysts ING, promotion of electric vehicles in Europe spryatat numerous state programs and incentives for their purchase. In addition, the time will significantly decrease the cost of batteries.

Experts assert ING that such a scenario is dangerous for European automakers, as they account for only 3% of the production of lithium-ion batteries. They can give in the fight for market, companies from America and Asia.

However, there is an alternative point of view. Previously a member of the Board of Directors of Bosch Dr. Rolf Bulander said that in the car with the engine still has a future and electric cars for a long time coexist with petrol and diesel models.

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