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It became known when the next mission will go to Mars

Стало известно, когда очередная миссия отправится на Марс The next mission will go to Mars in 2020

The user space programme ExoMars told that in 2020, made a second attempt to launch a mission.

The corresponding contract was recently signed.

Recall that the first mission reached Mars this year. The second ExoMars mission will be organized in 2020.

The main objective of the new program will be the response to exciting the minds of many scientists the question of whether there is life on Mars or if she was there sometime in the past.

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Soon the spacecraft Gas Orbiter will begin exploring the red planet, trying to answer this question. The complex will study the gas composition of the atmosphere of the planet. Scientists are interested in methane because it is responsible for many geological and biological phenomena on Mars.

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