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It became known, what to expect from Android this year

Стало известно, чего ждать от Android в нынешнем годуIn 2017 will be a new version of Android and will be hundreds of new smartphone models.

Snapdragon 835

Major innovation is expected from smartphones with top-end Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm 835.
Its characteristics have been revealed at CES 2017. The main improvements are in the graphics: this chipset supports dual camera with a resolution up to 16 Megapixel, graphics processing with the color depth to 14 bits, as well as streaming 4K video at 60 frames per second. In addition, this chip is very economical — it consumes two times less energy than the Snapdragon 801. This means that smartphones based on Snapdragon 835 will have the strongest capabilities in the field of photography and video.

Dual camera

Just as the flash of the camera eventually became a mandatory attribute of any smartphone (except maybe the cheapest devices), more models will start to get double the camera module. These modules increase the cost of smartphones for just a few dollars, but give big advantages — allow you to get a much better picture and implement optical zoom with a relatively simple, non-sliding optics.

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In 2017, more and more smartphones begin to support the work with headsets, virtual and augmented reality, and among them will be models of an average price category. This means that they will be equipped with a good screen (at least with FullHD resolution) and high-performance processors. It is possible that the manufacturers will specify on the box that the smartphone is ready for use with VR and AR.

Quad HD / 4K

Quad HD resolution — the minimum for a smartphone screen, which is comfortable to use in a VR headset. 4K is even better, and so manufacturers will have to set the top model screens with such high resolution. And it’s not marketing, but a real necessity (which, however, have to convince the consumers).

Android Wear 2.0

A few months Google will release a major update for its watch platform and will prepare the next update. This platform was based on Android and worked in conjunction with a smartphone, and now actually separates watches are becoming more independent and soon will be able to run third-party applications. Android they are almost not needed. Over time, Android Wear could become completely independent of the OS.

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Android 8.0

What will be the new version of Android, to think while early. In recent years, this OS with every update gets less and less new features, but it’s not bad — it is obvious that it has attained such a degree of development that Google now can only improve it without making significant changes. Test Android version 8.0 may come out this spring, but a release build is usually to wait for fall.

What else?

Fast charging, wireless charging, protection from water is what we expect from smartphones. To Android is irrelevant, so all hope that our desires will listen manufacturers.

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