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It became known, what is new at Latest in 2017

Стало известно, что нового появится в Overwatch в 2017 годуIn 2017, fans of online shooter will find an impressive list of new products.

The developers at Blizzard said that they plan to add in Overwatch next year. This year, the developers of Overwatch has managed to diversify the game with two new characters, new locations and additional game modes.

According to the Vice-President of Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan (Jeff Kaplan), “the developers of Overwatch and not think to stop there.” In 2017, fans of online shooter will find an impressive list of new products.

New heroes

First and foremost, Kaplan noted that next year the game will be several new characters. After that, he added that the development team is working on any new content for a long period of time, thoroughly testing the prototypes of the heroes and maps that sometimes have to return for revision the designers.

As an example, the game Director led the mobile cyborg Genji. It turned out that the hero is a ninja with long interruptions was finalized almost a year and a half. The reason was that the character did not behave to the end, how would the developers.

Kaplan did not fully disclose the plans about the new characters, but shared the opinion that one of the new characters already looks “very promising”. Despite the fact that Jeff said no name, no specializations of a new character, he added that he is in the final stages of development with designers and will soon start testing the game.

New location: Oasis

At Blizzcon it was announced the imminent launch of a new map for the Overwatch. According to preliminary data, it will appear in early 2017. Kaplan confirmed this information, adding that a couple of new locations are in various stages of development and testing.

The Director specifically focused on the fact that at the moment the game testers test a few new game modes. It is possible that they will not be released in the near future, but attempts to diversify the gameplay in progress. A new arcade mode, which is a converted Brawl, was announced in November. With its help, according to developers, will test innovations in the future.

Custom games

Jeff Kaplan has encouraged players in early 2017 will be given an option to create custom servers. The players will be able to create games and invite your friends, and not only from friend-list Kaplan added that early next year will be available only to basic functions new options, but it will be improved in the future.

Custom options for communication

At the moment the game allows you to select phrases and emotions to communicate with the players of your team or to mock the enemy. As reported by the developers, in 2017 the game will be available to the custom option settings. Players can choose up to four previously discovered words and emotions. Moreover, they will receive the ability to link specific actions to the keys. In addition, it will open the possibility of changing graffiti in the course of the match.

Kaplan said another small innovation on group chats. Now players who play with their friends, appear comfortable automatic option talks only to their friends.

Spectator mode

Blizzard continues to improve the spectator mode. According to the developers, they try to accommodate the wishes of not only the players but also the commentators. Kaplan spoke about a new map view, which allows you to watch the movement of all the participants in the battle. Most likely, the new format will be presented in the form of a two-dimensional map, seen from above. What specific changes will affect the spectator mode in the upcoming year, the Director said, but added that there will be many.

Balancing character Sombra

Sombra is a female character, a hacker with special abilities, as noted by Kaplan will not be prone to any serious alterations. Like Ana Amari, Sombra is a hero with unique skills and gameplay. Despite the comments of players, Blizzard is not going to make significant edits to the behavior of the glamorous girls. According to Kaplan, the players need to give more time to get used to the new character and learned all about his strengths and weaknesses.

Jeff reiterated that at the moment, probably Sombra is not balanced perfectly, but to perfect it correct, you want the players got to know her better.

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