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It became known, to whom Ukrainians would cut pension

Стало известно, кому из украинцев урежут пенсиюSome categories of working pensioners will pay 85% of the assigned pension.

Specialists of management of PFCs explained who working pensioners today would cut pension.

According to the Law “On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine concerning pensions”, 85% of the pension will be paid to working pensioners, who receive:

– old-age pension appointed according to the Law “On compulsory state pension insurance”, as well as a disability pension of group III and a pension for loss of breadwinner. Note that if a working pensioner receives the child pension for loss of breadwinner, it is not reduced. And if officially employed child, then the pension may be reduced on the same terms as other working pensioners; - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

– reduced pension in connection with harmful and heavy working conditions prescribed by Law “On pension provision”;
– a pension for years of service, appointed according to the Law “On pension provision”;
– research retirement, as well as research the disability pension of group III and a pension for loss of breadwinner. This rule applies if a pensioner continues to work in academic positions. It should be noted that in this case, pay 85% not science, and old-age pensions;

– pensions appointed according to the Laws “On state service”, “On Prosecutor’s office”, “On status of people’s Deputy of Ukraine”, “On judicial system and status of judges”, “On forensic examination”, “On the National Bank of Ukraine”, “On service in local governments”, “On diplomatic service”, “On the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine”, if on the usual, not specialisti.

In all cases, regardless of what law became entitled to a pension after termination of employment payment is resumed in full.

At the same time the provision on the limitation of pensions for working pensioners regardless of the type of pension does not apply to:

– working pensioners who receive less than a living wage for disabled persons – UAH 1870.;
– invalids I and II groups;
– invalids of war of III group;
parties of hostilities, including members of ATU;
– members of families of killed (dead) combatants.

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