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It became known that saved the Earth from global cooling

Стало известно, что спасло Землю от глобального похолоданияGlobal cooling on the Earth retreated due to acid rain.

An international team of researchers reported that global acidic rain and storm during the Proterozoic glaciation of the Earth, help our planet to overcome the strongest cold period.

A study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

To such conclusions experts came after analysis of the isotopes of magnesium, discovered in a rocky glacial rocks from South-Eastern China’s Hunan province. The samples, studied by scientists, have the strongest traces of erosion, which occurred over 600 million years ago.

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Degradation of rocks was caused, according to scientists, intense chemical weathering occurring under the action of water, carbon dioxide and oxygen. According to experts, the period of acid rain on the planet lasted several hundred thousand years and allowed to complete glaciation.

According to the researchers, the study helps to explain how global cooling on the planet gave way to warming. According to one of the most extreme scenarios, about 650-635 million years ago the Earth was covered with snow: ice reflects sunlight and did not allow the planet to heat up.

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At that time in the atmosphere of a celestial body was 500 times more carbon dioxide than today (then 99 percent of it was processed by chemical weathering), and on the planet lived only primitive microorganisms.

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