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It became known that behind the protests in Russia

Стало известно, что скрывается за протестами в РоссииSuch a turn of events nobody expected.

The protest mood in Russia suggests that the political elite of the country decided to engage in their conflict outside.

“Change of political elite always leads to the change of policy, or to correct it. In any case, for us it will be profitable. They (the protests. – Ed.) – a signal that the elites in the struggle for power shifted to the real action. If earlier it was unofficial undercover arrangement, but now it’s spilling over into the streets. They started to use real tools,” he said.

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According to Zhdanov, the political elites use protests to mask open conflict.

“But in doing so they warm up the society. There are in Russia two questions. More Chernyshevsky wrote about it: who is to blame and what to do? So, warming up the society, the first surprise for the Russian leadership, how people were willing to go to the protest. They did not expect such numbers,” – said the expert.

He also added that the Russian young people through their participation in the protests demonstrated a reluctance to return to “scoop”.

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“Society begins to speculate about the answers to these two questions. And when the heralds say, “that Medvedev had robbed the country”, the crowd screams in response? “Putin – thief”. That is, using the tool against each other, they warm up the society at a large protest, which can result in a huge confrontation between the authorities and the people. What Putin is preparing,” concluded Zhdanov.

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