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It became known that a person feels in the first moment after death

Стало известно, что чувствует человек в первую минуту после смертиA group of scientists from the University of new York conducted an incredible experiment

Questions about the impressions that people experience, being between life and death, have always caused heated debate and at least hot interest.

A group of scientists from new York University studied similar phenomena on twins in Europe and the United States. Study participants are faced with a cardiac arrest and was brought back to life. Thus, managed to conduct the largest study on the issue of life after death.

Scientists have discovered that human consciousness continues to function after clinical death. Many of the subjects the volunteers were told how they watched the doctors and nurses who tried to save them, reproduced dialogues carried out by a number of physicians and reported details that they simply could not know in any way.

Subsequently, these details were confirmed by medical workers who performed CPR. For example, people could tell what was said around them, doctors and nurses, although the patients themselves at the time already was considered clinically dead and certainly unconscious. These conversations patients are remembered down to the smallest detail.

It is difficult to explain how this could happen, because once the heart stops working, disappear all reflexes of the brain. In the process of thinking and processing information from all five senses meets the cerebral cortex, and its activity is also fully off when the person actually dies. But this information allows us to assume that after clinical death, the brain continues to be any processes. Researchers will soon attempt to explain this phenomenon.

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