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It became known that a person feels at the moment of death

Стало известно, что чувствует человек в момент смерти Scientists have conducted extensive research, during which found out how the person is aware of his own death.

Another study about whether there is life after death, were presented by scientists from Medical school of Langon at new York University (NYU Langone School of Medicine) – Sam Parnia and his colleagues have studied the history of almost 2 thousand patients who survived clinical death after a heart attack. 330 of them survived and almost half of them said that I remember that something happened after their heart stopped.

The scientists talked with the patients who survived clinical death, and also with the doctors and nurses who were present during resuscitation. Some patients almost literally were able to reproduce the conversations that they heard after clinical death, or to describe the actions of the medical staff. One of the surviving patients, whose heart had stopped beating for three minutes, described what happened in intensive care at a time until he was dead, separately noting the sounds made by the machines, who were in the room.

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Every fifth patient is told that after the death of experienced tranquility, and nearly 30% of respondents said that everything was happening in slow motion. Patients also mentioned the bright light and flashes, you exit your own body and saw the medical chamber as if from above – of such people who experienced clinical death, is mentioned quite often.

Scientists believe that such feelings are much more people who have experienced clinical death, but because of the sedatives they forget about it.

The authors obtained data indirectly indicate that the brain continues to work, and consciousness is retained even after the heart stops beating and the patient is actually dying. If this is true, the dead the patient may hear a statement of his own death.

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The researchers explain that the brain activity after stopping depends on the amount of oxygen. They plan to continue their research in the field of post-mortem experience and the border States to understand how much oxygen you need to the brain was reopened after clinical death, and how death experience affect brain activity.

This will help to understand what happens to the mind and body after death, is it possible to improve resuscitation processes and what actually is on the other side of life.

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