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It became known, on which planets could support life

Стало известно, на каких планетах может зародиться жизньAccording to the Spanish researchers, the inhabited planet needs 90% to be covered by water.

For the origin of life on the planet 90% of its surface must occupy the oceans. Talking about this the experts from Institute of space Sciences of the University of Barcelona. Scientists conducted a large-scale study in which they used software simulation. The results showed that the majority of potentially habitable planets is covered by oceans.

The project Manager, the famous mathematician Fergus Simpson, calculated what should be the ratio between the land area and water below on the planet could arise and develop in life. Scientists created a statistical model taking into account modern notions about the settlement of complex organisms. He took as the basis of such parameters as the amount of land, its terrain features, volume of water, dynamics of circulation of air masses, climatic parameters.

In the end, Simpson came to the conclusion that the most favorable for the development of life are the planet is 90% covered with water. According to the Spanish researchers, the Earth also belongs among these planets, although in a sense she is unique:

“The results of our simulations indicate that the inhabited and thus not covered by vast oceans of the planet is very rare in the Universe. At the same time, water worlds create great difficulties for the formation of a truly well-developed organic life. Our Earth, for example, this took billions of years”, — explained the researchers.
Scientists say that planets don’t always need large amounts of water for origin of life. Under certain conditions, for the formation of the solid ocean is quite and relatively small volume of water. For example, if the planet’s surface more or less smooth.

Previously, Fergus Simpson, the studies found that of humanity with a probability of 0.2% may die in any year of the XXI century as a result of an apocalyptic disaster. In his opinion, with probability 87% of the earth’s civilization will survive to the end of this century.

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