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It became known, on what free medical services are offered to the Ukrainians

Стало известно, на какие бесплатные медуслуги могут рассчитывать украинцыPublished list of services.

The Ministry of health of Ukraine has published the list of services included in the guaranteed package of free primary health care.

This is stated on page offices in Facebook.

In particular, the family doctor shall be:

– To observe patients ‘ health condition through various tests, to diagnose and treat the most common diseases, injuries, poisoning, pathological and physiological (during pregnancy);

– Accompany patients with chronic diseases;

– To provide emergency assistance;

To refer a patient for the provision of secondary (specialized) or tertiary (highly specialized) medical care;

– Prophylaxis: vaccination, and studies of patients from risk groups;

– To provide advice.

Family physician can also observe uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy child in accordance with age characteristics and needs. As well as provide separate services for palliative care. For example, to assess the degree of pain, to prescribe and write prescriptions for narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances for treatment of pain syndrome.

Within the framework of primary health care, patients are guaranteed to obtain hematological studies, General analysis of blood leukocyte formula and biochemical and immunochemical studies of blood serum, blood glucose, total cholesterol, and urinalysis.

In addition, patients will be eligible for instrumental examinations, including electrocardiogram (ECG) at rest and sputum smear microscopy.

Ukrainians will be able to do quick tests on HIV, viral hepatitis and syphilis.

A family doctor prescribes medications and writes prescriptions according to which you will receive medicines under the program of reimbursement of drugs, which will gradually include more and more diseases and drugs, and also to issue inquiries, sick-lists.

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