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It became known how much the people of Kiev will cost a new Park on KPI

Стало известно, во сколько киевлянам обойдется новый сквер на КПИOn the site of the demolished Kiosks will be benches, fountains and green lawns.

City officials showed a draft of a new Park on the site of the demolished illegal stalls near the metro station “Polytechnic Institute” and mathematics Lyceum №142. There will be a nice green area with benches and a fountain.

A draft of the Park was developed in the KO “Kievzelenstroy”. Then install about 25 new benches, the area will protect the fence, to come by car, will be equipped with new lighting, lay the track from famou (notched tile), will break lawns, add trees and even promise the fountain in the center.

“For the creation of the Park should the decision of the Kyiv city Council. It must go through three committees: environmental, budget and land. The city will determine the customer execution of works — it will be “Kievzelenstroy” or district management of green economy. All of this is already partially done, for example, passed two of the profile Commission of the Kyiv city Council. I think the final decision will be accepted deputies before October 1,” — said “Today,” the mayor of Kiev Dmitry Belotserkovets.

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According to estimates of “Kievzelenstroy”, all the work will cost the city budget of 1.5—2.5 million UAH. The exact figure will be known after the examination. “If the workers would try, then the square will be equipped by December 1. There install benches, litter bins, lighting, lay out of the track. The fountain, of course, for the winter one to run will not be built, and will launch in the spring, then planted flowers and trees,” adds Belotserkovets.

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While at the future site of the Park thrives spontaneous trade. Sell mineral water and underwear with three layouts. And traders of the demolished kiosks collect signatures in his support. However, as stated in the mayor’s office, their attempts to return in vain.

Стало известно, во сколько киевлянам обойдется новый сквер на КПИ

“If they oppose the development of the square — we will call the police. In the future, when will be created the municipal police, we will fight against spontaneous trade. Alas, now we do not have the right to seize goods from traders,” says Belotserkovets.

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