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It became known how much Poroshenko paid for a meeting with trump

Стало известно, сколько Порошенко заплатил за встречу с ТрампомThe amount varies from 400 to 600 thousand dollars.

Lawyer Donald trump received a secret payment of at least $ 400,000 for the organization of the first meeting between President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and President of the United States.

According to sources, the payment was arranged by the brokers in favor of Petro Poroshenko, although Cohen has not been registered as the representative of Ukraine in accordance with the requirements of U.S. law.

The transfer was made with the participation of intermediaries Poroshenko, however, Cohen was a registered representative of Ukraine, as required by U.S. law.

We are talking about the meeting of leaders of Ukraine and the USA in the White house, which took place in June last year, where trump and Poroshenko shook hands.

Shortly after returning Poroshenko in Ukraine’s National anti-corruption Bureau stopped the investigation against the former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump Paul Manafort.

The publication notes that, according to a senior officer of the Ukrainian intelligence from the administration of President Poroshenko before meeting at the White house, Cohen was brought to Ukraine. Thus, the President of Ukraine allegedly agreed to establish an informal communication channel with trump, as the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington could arrange for Poroshenko only a brief meeting with the President of the United States for a joint photo.

“This task was entrusted to the former Advisor, which appealed to the loyal Ukrainian people’s Deputy for help. He used personal contacts in the Jewish charitable organization in the state of new York. This eventually helped to establish contact with Cohen, trump’s attorney and the mediator that has the trust. Cohen paid 400 thousand dollars”, – says the source.

The publication notes that there is no reason to believe that trump knew about the payment. Another source in Kiev reported the same details, but, according to him, the total sum of payments amounted to 600 thousand dollars.

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