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It became known, how much money to allocate for repair of roads of the Donetsk region

Стало известно, сколько денег выделят на ремонт дорог ДонетчиныThis year for repair of roads will spend about 1 billion hryvnia.

For 2017 in the Donetsk region should be completed the reconstruction of 12 sites of the bridges and overpasses.

About this Facebook said the head of the Donetsk obliga Paul Zhebrivsky.

According to him, several projects are already virtually completed.

“Bakhmutsky overpass will be commissioned on August 23, the day of the flag and bridge in Soledar will be commissioned before the end of September,” he said.

“For comparison: before the war, throughout the Donetsk region for the year restored a maximum of 2-3 (object). Happy with the quality of work of contractors is ready to give warranty of 25 years”, – said the head obliga.

Zhebrivskyi also added that there are “funding problems”.

“Where “work” of the regional funds – there are no delays, where the money allocated for public – long delays. We will discuss with the President – it is specifically for this reason shall convene the governors of the East of Ukraine”, – said zhebrivskyi.

According to him, to the end of the year, will be able to direct the repair of roads about 1 billion hryvnia.

“We expect next year to 2.5 billion, which should be used for the construction of roads”, – he added.

However, he said that there are a lot of comments, mostly for quality and pace of work by contractors.

“For the quality of the roads those who have taken to repair them, will be responsible including financially,” – said the head obliga.

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