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It became known how much Kiev should Vodokanal

Стало известно, сколько киевляне должны водоканалуThe debts are growing constantly.

In September, 2018 consumer debt “Kievvodokanalom” is 837 million UAH, including debt residents of apartment buildings 482 million UAH.

On Thursday, September 27, said the Deputy Director of Department of Settlement “Kyivvodocanal” Yuriy Tereshchenko during a demonstration of disconnection from Sewerage debtors in an apartment building in Kiev, tychiny 5/1. Here from sanitation was disabled, the debts of which amounted to 24 thousand UAH, UAH 10 thousand and 3 thousand UAH.

Disabling is done using the device “Chop-2008”, which allows you to lock the debtor sewage without access to his apartment.

Yuriy Tereshchenko said that the company constantly conducts systematic work with debtors, since such a large debt significantly affect the operation of the enterprise.

“We always try to meet consumers who have debts, and proposed, in particular, to contract restructuring, which can be obtained at the Center of customer service of “Kyivvodocanal” or in one of the many centres of utility service,” he said, adding that everyone has their own situation and taking a decision on shutdown, the employees try to understand each. Take into account social status, and material.

According to him, the main thing in this situation is for the consumer to make contact with “Kievvodokanalom”: only if the debtors are not systematically pay for services and generally do not go on dialogue, the company is forced to stop the supply of the services.

The representative of the “Kyivvodocanal” recalled that the disconnection from the sewer, the company started practicing in the middle of 2018 and it proved to be as effective method. He stressed that “Kyivvodocanal” not interested to bring the case to lock the sewers.

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