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It became known how many people in the world suffer from hunger

Стало известно, сколько людей в мире страдают от голодаAfrica suffers the most.

According to the German organization, aid to the starving people of the world (Deutsche Welthungerhilfe), the number of people on the planet suffering from hunger and exhaustion, has been growing over the past three years and currently has reached 821 million.

Especially from lack of food in many countries children suffer. About 151 million children worldwide have developmental delays associated with inadequate nutrition.

51 million children suffer from malnutrition, said the report’s authors. Read also Winter is coming. Bloomberg found five reasons the new financial crisis Today, 18:30 the Most difficult situation in the Central African Republic, the experts rated it as “extremely heavy.” In 51 countries the situation with the food shortages is assessed as “serious” or “very serious”.

For some countries, experts are unable to calculate the total value of the “hunger index”, because they do not have enough data, while seven States also created an alarming situation with providing the population with food, in Burundi, Congo, Eritrea, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan and Syria.

The growth of these indicators over the last three years is “a scandal”, said Minister for economic cooperation and development of Germany Gerd Muller. According to him, “our planet has the potential to feed all people.” Humanity has the knowledge and technology to protect the people from all countries of hunger, said Mueller.

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