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It became known how Kiev will manage the transition to a single e-ticket

Стало известно, во сколько Киеву обойдется переход на единый электронный билетIt is expensive.

From 1 November in Kiev in the test mode needs to earn a single ticket. Many residents are wondering how much will the transition to the new system and how it will work.

A single ticket is paying for transport services using non-cash payment, i.e., a transportation card (similar to that used in the metro).

A single ticket will be of several types:

a single ticket;
reusable ticket (which can be replenished);
monthly pass (or other period) with unlimited number of trips;
travel to a certain number of trips;
travel depending on travel distances.

Ticket payment will occur with transport, banking, social security cards. Also the bearer of the ticket can be student ID or a smart phone running the required application.

According to preliminary estimates of the Kyiv city state administration, the total cost of implementing automatic fare collection systems (1,500 units) and upgrading of existing equipment and the telecommunications system will be 551 million 940 thousand hryvnias. But this amount is not final, because it does not take into account, for example, technical support, since it “cannot be reliably predicted without a signed service contract”.

The volume allocated from the city budget funds for the purchase of 1,000 so-called validators (electronic “conductors”) is 265 million. It is budgeted that the validators in the buses will spend 216 071 UAH per unit, for electric vehicles would amount to 327 273 of the hryvnia. But the real cost of implementing one of the validator is already 367 960 hryvnia. The missing funds, according to the draft orders KSCA, will be covered from the budget of the enterprise.

Given that official information on increase of fare have been received, the question remains, where “Kyivpastrans” will find at least 286 million 940 thousand hryvnias for installation and maintenance of automatic fare collection systems.

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