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It became known as will increase wages of Ukrainians in 2018

Стало известно, как будут расти зарплаты украинцев в 2018 годуIn 2018, the wage growth will slow down.

For 2017, the salary of the average Ukrainian has increased, with both nominal and real, talking about it data of the state service of statistics.

And most of all work rose in December — from 1300 UAH, in comparison with November, to UAH or 8777.

However, economists say that the statistics do not fully reflect the true picture and predict that in 2018, the wage will continue to grow, but slower than a year earlier.

Data from state Statistics shows that a graph of nominal growth in earnings of repeats last year — in January, have decrease, compared to December of the previous year, with February — an increase of 200-220 UAH, from March — at the same rate, then the relative stabilization in the summer, gradual growth in autumn and a sharp jump in December. But in Kiev, average wages rose at a record pace, and for the year increased by almost 60% more than 14 thousand UAH. In any one area do not pay more than 10 thousand UAH and the salary in the country increased on average by 35.5%. The whole 2017 the increase in real (inflation-adjusted) wages have increased faster than prices of 17-21%. This is confirmed by the monitoring experts of the state statistics of the annual frequency of price changes for the main and the most expensive products (see infographic).

Economists also say that salaries in the past year we have grown much faster than prices, though not all. The discrepancy noticed by ordinary citizens.

“I work in Kiev, receive the lowest wages, but it is far from designed by the state statistic Committee of 14 thousand hryvnia, even “dirty”!”—outraged the Manager Alexander Vasilenko.

As explained to us finanalitik Alexander Okhrimenko, such rosy statistics in the capital is obtained by highly paid officials, bankers, top managers of companies, the head offices of which are recorded mainly in Kiev.

“The average Kievan has halved. A jump in earnings in December is due to payment of bonuses and premiums for the year, the “top” in the foreign affiliates with the white salary bonuses in the tens of thousands of hryvnia, and such companies in the capital was a lot. In January we will have a drop of average salary for 1000 UAH and more. Also, the state statistics service in their technique does not account for small enterprises which employs less than 10 people, and the official salaries slightly above the minimum,” — says Okhrimenko.Economist Ivan Nikitchenko also notes that we have almost every year in December there is a sharp increase in the average salary because of bonuses, and then decrease in January.

“The increase in real wages last year were indeed still mentorplace doubled in 2017 compared with 2016, and the official inflation rate was less than 14% — analyzes Nikitchenko. But due to the large shadow economy official statistics are not quite right shows real market data. First of all it concerns small and average business, not only in Kiev but also in the regions. Small businesses in most areas the average salary is small — minimum (3700 UAH), plus 2-3 thousand UAH in the envelope, and not everywhere.”

Experts are inclined to believe that in 2018, the wage growth will slow down, despite the increase in mentorplace to 3723 UAH and the deficit of professionals, many of whom go abroad. To curb the outflow of professionals, business structures raise their salaries, they promise benefits in the form of life insurance and health, mobile phone and reimbursement of travel. “In 2018, is also expected to increase in wages, but much less of the effect of raising the minimal salary will be gone, and the pace of economic growth is very modest, therefore, twofold excess of the rate of growth of nominal wages over the rate of inflation should not expect”, — said Nikitchenko. And Okhrimenko forecasts inflation this year will outpace the growth in real wages: “Last year’s growth rate of earnings caused by higher mentorplace from 1600 to 3200 UAH and vacancies for machinists, builders, engineers, almost exhausted. As for the public sector, the state has no money to raise salaries, despite an election year. In the best case, wages and prices will rise equally in the worst — Ukrainians will become poorer”.

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