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It became known as will affect the Ukrainians a state of emergency in the energy sector

Стало известно, как коснется украинцев ЧП в энергетикеA state of emergency in the electricity market will last at least a month.

Entered by order of the Cabinet of Ministers a state of emergency in the electricity market, February 16, came into force, and will act, at least 1 month, until March 17. This is stated in a public statement the evening of 15 February government resolution No. 103 of February 15, on the application of provisional emergency measures in the electricity market.

For consumers of electricity the state of emergency means possible (if necessary) temporary power outages (called “rolling blackouts”), which the Central dispatcher of the power system is eligible to apply under the shortage of power in the system.

In commercial terms the state of emergency means that the energy goes into manual control, and price demands in thermal generation will not be applied.

A state of emergency would expand the powers of the Central dispatcher of NEK “Ukrenergo”, which won the right in manual mode to adjust the power generation of each power station.

Will also be reduced, the requirement of the minimum spinning reserve thermal generation from 1,000 MW to 500 MW (required for fast power compensation in the case of emergency shutdown of the nuclear power plant unit).

The state of emergency provides for the transition of nuclear power plants in operation-week of maneuvering (partial unloading will be done on Friday and the resumption of full power on Monday). The energy Ministry expects that the share of NPPs in total production will increase from 57% to 61%.

The declared purpose of these measures is the consumption of anthracite coal supplied to the power station was suspended on February 13 due to the blockade of the railway communication across the line of demarcation. The energy Ministry believes that an emergency situation will save from 300 to 350 thousand tons of anthracite coal (for comparison to the state of emergency daily consumption of anthracite coal at thermal power plants was about 30 thousand tons/day).

According to Minister of energy Igor Nasalik, state of emergency in the energy sector may be extended for not more than 1 month, but during the heating season 2014/2015 the state of emergency lasted for almost the entire heating season.

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