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It became known as to detect and delete a virus on Android

Стало известно, как обнаружить и удалить вирус на AndroidA virus attack affects not only computers, but also smartphones.

Malware penetrates into the device that affect its safety and performance. Let’s talk about how to remove virus from an Android phone.

Characteristics and types of virus

Malicious programs there are many. Each of them has its own peculiarities, functions and principle of operation. In spite of this, they can be divided into three main categories:

1.Trojans in stealth mode collect the necessary data of the victim;

2.Ransomware block the system and require for unlocking the money;

3.Advertising and display banner ads.

Now let’s look at specific examples of viruses that most often occur. script that installs third party applications on the device.

-DoubleLocker ransomware virus – replaces the password and demands payment in Bitcoin to unlock. It is also able to steal the money from PayPal.

-LokiBot virus – filters, redirects traffic, sends fake notifications. If you attempt to encrypt the data.

-NotCompatible – after getting into the device it is waiting for commands from a remote server. Able to turn the phone into a botnet to send spam.

-Lastacloud – after penetration collects data the victim. Able to download third-party software. Often distributed under the guise of updates for WhatsApp.

-Android Police – one of the most dangerous. Completely blocks and encrypt system. Ransom demands for open access.

-Svpeng – another version of extortion. Locks the screen and demands a ransom on behalf of the FBI.

-Mazar – distributed via SMS. Can change settings, send messages, visit websites.

-Gooligan threat – collects confidential data of the victim. Distributed through the app store Play Market.

-HummingWhale – after installing from the app store, the virus begins to actively display advertisements.

How to recognise that your smartphone came under the attack of malware? This is evidenced by several factors.

-slowing down of work;

-display advertising, confusing messages and notifications;

-the loss of money from the account or Bank card;

-the disappearance of the contacts, logins and other personal data.

Tip! If you have any suspicions better to test the system antivirus.

How to check and remove

Consider in more detail the methods of inspection and removal of malware. This can be done in two ways.

Built-in antivirus

In the latest versions of Android, and branded shells manufacturers of smartphones, has a good built-in antivirus. It must be periodically run to check.

Please note! For example, used with a shell Meizu Flyme. On other phones the location of items may vary.

1.Go to “Security” on the main screen.

2.The item “scan for viruses” → wait for the automatic scanning.

3.In case a threat is detected, confirm the deletion.

Important! The firmware does not guarantee 100% virus detection. This can be done using third-party services.

Third-party software

Mobile devices are the same antiviruses as computers. Most often, companies are developing complex software for all types of devices. Consider an example ESET.

1.Download and install the program.

2.After starting, confirm the license agreement.

3.Click “run first scan”.

4.In the case of detection will remove the threat.

5.In settings can set the parameters at its discretion.

Through the computer

Android device is convenient in that when connected to PC appears as a drive. Any antivirus software installed on your computer, you can check smart phone for threats. Consider the example of ESET.

Important! On your phone dolnja to be included debugging USB.

1.Connect the gadget to PC via cable.

2.Explorer shows the drive.

3.Open ESET → tab “computer Scan” → “Scan removable media” or “Custom scan”.

4.Specify drive → wait until the process is complete.

5.In case of detection, to confirm deletion of the threat.

Please note! If these steps did not help, then you must perform a full factory reset.

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