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It became known as the Ukrainian military is in the area of ATO

 Стало известно, сколько украинских военных находится в зоне АТОOn the demarcation line in the Donbas are 37 thousand of fighters of VSU.

On the demarcation line in the ATO zone are 37 thousand troops. This was stated by the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak.

Units that do not participate in the fighting on the territory of Donbass, located in training centers, grounds and classrooms, are on combat duty in other parts of the state.

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– We will be able to protect Ukraine and to fulfill all the tasks facing the Armed Forces. Evidence of this is the 72 brigade and other units, which in the example of the Town have shown that they know how to fight and are ready for their state to give their lives and sacrifice their health, – said Poltorak.

During a meeting of the governing members of the armed forces, President Petro Poroshenko said that Russia may launch a military strike against Ukraine whenever you want.

The threat of full – scale aggression by Russia will not go away. And this threat is not only oozing through the uncontrolled areas in Donbass – it’s hanging on the border line with Russia, and even more, – said the Commander.

He also added that the presidential elections in Russia in 2018, should keep the Ukrainian army into full combat readiness.

– Presidential elections in Russia, which will take place next year, now is an additional argument for increased military readiness of the armed forces. It is quite clear that this “muscle-flexing” is the main election technology. Hostile policy towards Ukraine and the outside world is, sadly, support from Russian voters, – added the head of state.

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