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It became known as the Russian influence on the lottery business in Ukraine

Стало известно, как Россия влияет на лотерейный бизнес в УкраинеThe analyst told about the pitfalls of controversial gaming.

During the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych, the lottery market in Ukraine captured several operators in the Russian capital who control it and still.

About this in Facebook wrote analyst Peter oleschuk.

“Perhaps it was because the Cabinet was locked development license terms for this type of business. So, in fact, without a license the Russians, who were associated with the “family” Yanukovych, “cut the cabbage” in Ukraine, and we are only left to hope that the proceeds were not going to Finance any “scooters”, he added.

Thus, according to the Oleshhuk, now in Ukraine there are chances of progress in resolving this issue. He added that the draft Licensing conditions has been approved and should be sent soon to the Cabinet for approval.

The analyst noted that this is important because if there are license terms, it will be possible to conduct the re-licensing of operators and, consequently, will be able at last to remove from Ukrainian market of Russians.

License terms must decide another issue is the payment of operators of the real value of the licenses. After all for anybody not a secret that the lottery business is very profitable. And besides, it is not “social”. Operators trite earn citizens making money “out of thin air” and therefore have to pay the government a large sum for a license. If this high pay is to be installed, the budget can get a permanent and stable content to billions of dollars, he added.

According to the Oleshhuk, existing operators it’s not going to like it, so Russian “supervisors” Ukrainian lottery market in the near future will abandon all efforts to prevent the approval of the licensing conditions.

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