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It became known as the die probe “Cassini”

Стало известно, как погибнет зонд "Кассини"The legendary probe living out his life.

Interplanetary probe NASA Cassini made a series of unique images on an orbit between Saturn and its amazing rings. It happened when the device was carried out the next circulation along the orbit, before disappear in another world.

Cassini used its wide angle camera to do 21 the 20 of August. This legendary machine again came to the gas giant, and plunged into the gap between the planet and rings.

Original image size was 512 × 512 pixels. Not very much like space technologies, but these are the parameters allowed to make a large number of photos in a short period of time.

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The robot spacecraft Cassini – Huygens was launched into space on 15 October 1997 the joint efforts of NASA, ESA and the Italian space Agency. Its mission was to study the satellites of Saturn, the planet-giganta and its rings.

After almost 20 years in interplanetary space, Cassini completes its mission. The project leaders decided to destroy the probe in the upper layers of the dense atmosphere of Saturn, to protect against possible contamination from other satellites which may exist extraterrestrial life. Before the final dive and the death of Cassini will make a series of momentum in an elongated orbit around Saturn.

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September 15, Cassini will focus on the clash with Saturn, then the machine one last time will give unique scientific data. In the end, it’s going down like a meteor and will become part of the planet.

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