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It became known as the changed import of electric cars in Ukraine

Стало известно, как изменился импорт электромобилей в Украину In August delivered 722 of the car.

The number of electric cars imported during August to 722 units. This is more than in July and June, and growth in imports.

And not enough only 78 “trains” to be able to say “and now we have twice as many EVS than last year” (2532 units were imported in 2017 and 4986 – for the current year). In the end, even in September this mark will surely be overcome.

Next – some predictions: it took more than half of the year, and we have quite enough data to try to simulate the developments in the segment of electric vehicles at least until the New year.

Most likely, the import of electric vehicles become increasingly popular, with a peak in November or December. After all to import electric cars without customs clearance can only be to the end of this year. Perhaps some changes in legislation will take place, and the chances of the abolition of the VAT-the largest tax when you import EA actually extremely low.

Therefore, we think that a lot of Ukrainians, wanting to inexpensive electric car, gather my strength and bring my car in the near future – of course, not to overpay then.

Also, towards the end of the year, the maximum aktiviziruyutsya “riders” – to replenish warehouses electric vehicles, cleared at the zero rate and then sell, however, already in the “new” market prices of 2019. So, if you have an idea of becoming the owner of an economical and environmentally friendly transport – is to act now.

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