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It became known as the alcohol affects healthy sleep

Стало известно, как алкоголь влияет на здоровый сонAlcoholic drinks help fall asleep quickly and prevent a good night’s sleep.

Received scientific evidence that intake of alcohol at night can help sleep, but disrupts the natural cycles of sleep and wakefulness. According to the staff of the London sleep center, alcohol reduces the duration of sleep and causes deep sleep. However, it suffers from the cycle of “fast” sleep, during which there are dreams and which is the most important for recuperation.

Prolonged alcohol abuse can lead to insomnia.Until recently, the dose of alcohol before sleep is not considered such a threat to patients in nursing homes and hospitals sometimes even offered a drink of spirits for the night. According to Dr. Irshad Braima, medical Director of the London sleep center, people who are accustomed to drink before bed, you risk a lot.

“A glass or two maybe in the short term to help sleep, but if it becomes a habit, it can lead to serious sleep problems,” he warns. “If alcohol is not avoided, it is better to drink two hours before sleep, because during this time the effects of alcohol weakens,” – said the scientist.

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But this case is dangerous because the alcohol is not only addictive, but also leads to the suppression of natural rhythms in brain activity that accompanied the dreams and which are the condition of full sleep.

In addition, alcohol leads to disruption of breathing. As a result, people begin to suffer from snoring, but chronic snoring can lead to dangerous disturbances in the normal rhythm of breathing and even stop. This condition is called apnea. Based on detailed studies of 20 cases Dr. Ibrahim and his colleagues concluded that alcohol affects three aspects of sleep.

First, alcohol makes asleep. Second, it causes a very deep sleep. These symptoms are quite similar to the deviations observed among patients taking antidepressants. This may explain the attraction of alcohol for many suffering from insomnia.

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However, a third aspect of the sleep, which is disturbed under the influence of alcohol later during the phase, accompanied by rapid eye movements. This so-called “fast” phase of sleep, which is most productive for rest and restoration of normal physiological activity. Violations of this stage of sleep caused by alcohol, has long been known. However, the first experimental observations compiled and published in the article in Press the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.

Chris Idzikowski, Director, Edinburgh sleep center, says that alcohol in General can not serve as a soporific: “Sleep under the influence of alcohol can be profound in its initial stage, but then becomes overwhelmed. In addition, such a deep sleep can cause snoring and stop breathing”.

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