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It became known as Putin can destroy Russia

Стало известно, как Путин может развалить РФRussia is facing the secession of several regions and socio political turmoil because of the current Russian leader.

The re-election of Vladimir Putin as President in 2018 will bring Russia to collapse. This opinion was expressed by Russian political scientist, Professor, head of the expert group “OWL” and a member of the public Council of the House of free Russia in Kiev, Mikhail Savva.

According to him, the Russian Federation threatens the separation of several regions in the case of Putin’s reelection to a new presidential term.
“I have been studying separatism in Russia for about twenty years. I can confidently say decay always began with the presence of one condition. It is a strong and rapid weakening of the center of state power. No matter what: Imperial, Federal or Federal. The separation of a number of regions in contemporary Russia it is quite possible for this condition. And not only the North Caucasus… And Putin’s re-election in 2018 will significantly increase the probability of disintegration of the Russian Federation,” said Sawa. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

He noted that Russia will save only the peaceful transfer of power to the new President.

“And here is another Putin’s presidential term with high probability will lead to social and political upheavals. And the transfer of power will not be peaceful. This means that the Federal centre will weaken the grip, with unpredictable consequences”, – concluded the analyst.

On the day Vladimir Putin has declared what to change it to a post of the President can only by a person elected by the people, not by decree from the Kremlin.

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