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It became known as cellmate treat Zaitseva

Стало известно, как сокамерницы относятся к ЗайцевойIn the detention center said that the suspect in the resonant Kharkiv accident does not conflict with the inmates.

Deputy head of establishments of execution of punishments No. 27 (Kharkiv SIZO) Dmitry Kholod said that the party to a fatal accident on the street Sumy, which claimed the lives of six people, Elena Zaitseva does not conflict with your cell mates.

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“In the chamber with Zaitseva sitting 9 women. They are on the criminal cases connected with drug trafficking, robbery and grievous bodily harm”, – he said.

According to him, Zaitseva – the youngest in the camera. The oldest is more than 50 years. Conflict is not in the cell.

“Everyone sits for their actions. Previously, they never intersect, and therefore there was no conflict”, – explained the Cold.

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Recall, October 18, late in the evening in Kharkov at the intersection of Sumy and lane Mechnikov faced Lexus RX 350 and Volkswagen Touareg, and then “Japanese” left the pavement and crashed into pedestrians. As a result of collision six people were killed.

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