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It became known as baldness is affects the heart

Стало известно, как облысение влияет на сердцеFound a strong correlation between alopecia and cardiovascular disease.

Scientific studies from India show that men who become bald or gray-haired aged 20 to 30 years, may be at high risk for a heart attack.

According to experts, people who suffer from balding or graying hair to 40 years are five times more likely to suffer from heart problems. It is reported that this is an even bigger risk factor than obesity, which increases the chances of suffering from heart disease by 4 times. Experts suspect that premature baldness and grey hair indicate that the body is aging too fast. So, biological age can increase faster than the real chronological age – this occurs when DNA damage to accumulate, adversely affecting all cells of the body. This process damages the heart, damaging the hair follicles, resulting in hair turn gray or fall out.

In the study, researchers compared the 790 men with heart disease and 1270 healthy men under the age of 40 years. It was found that young people with heart disease were significantly more likely to suffer from alopecia or have had premature graying of hair than healthy participants. Thus, baldness and gray hair, occur at an early age, should be considered as risk factors for heart disease, experts say. These factors may indicate biological age, which can be important for determining cardiovascular risk.

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