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Israeli scientists have deduced breed red calves

Израильские ученые вывели породу красных телят The unusual color has a religious connotation.

In Israel came to light custom calf with a red color, which was described in the Torah (the Scriptures).

Unusual animal brought experts of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem. They are local cows introduced gene steers Angus, which differ in the red suit.

Some people believe that the new breed of cows will contribute to the restoration of the third temple in Jerusalem on the Temple mount. In their opinion, immediately after the completion of construction on the earth will come the Messiah.

A group of theologians, it is worth noting, has criticized the above plans. In their opinion, the temple will be built only after the day of judgment, when all believers will ascend to heaven. Atheists, in turn, will go to the underworld.

Can Richman, Director of the Institute Rabbi, believes that the appearance of the red heifer speaks of the need to build the Third temple.

Израильские ученые вывели породу красных телят

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