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Israeli archaeologists have made a unique discovery

Израильские археологи сделали уникальное открытиеIn Israel found alcohol during the First world war.

Israeli archaeologists have discovered several hundred bottles of liquor belonging to British servicemen during the First world war.

As reported in the Israel antiquities authority, experts searched for ancient flint tools, but ran into a warehouse with bottles.

In the place where you found bottles of gin, whiskey, beer and wine, in 1917, housed the British garrison. There archeologists have found buttons from uniforms, badges, shaving kits and equipment for horse riding. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

A variety of brands of alcohol and was found in the same place fragments of Italian porcelain plates indicate that the bottles were stored in the officers ‘ club, not in the General army canteen.

As noted specialist of the Department of antiquities of Israel Brigitte of Winona, Israeli archaeologists had never came across such artifacts during excavations. According to her, found bottles of alcohol were supplied to the British troops from Europe.

Troops of the British expeditionary force took Jerusalem in December 1917, and prior to that he spent 9 months preparing for a military operation in the camps in the Rambla and Sarabande.

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