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Israel remained in the military alone

Израиль остался в военном одиночестве

Netanyahu has acknowledged that the US will not protect anyone from Iran.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the first time acknowledged that the United States will not be able to help the Jewish state in case of potential armed conflict with Iran.

The head of the government, in particular, said recently at a closed meeting with the Cabinet of Ministers. Iran is increasing its capabilities, according to the Israelis. Now, according to this view, the Islamic Republic could strike at the Jewish state even Yemen.

Netanyahu publicly hinted at the hesitation of American leadership to face the Iranian threat, implying that “silence” in response to attacks against Saudi oil refining industry on September 14.

We are ready to threats. And we will not hesitate to inflict a severe blow to whoever tries to harm us. The audacity of Iran in the region is enhanced in the absence of a response, – noted the Prime Minister. – But Israel will not turn the other cheek. Those who are inclined to aggression, will pay a high price.

This is the first recognition of Israel by the impotence of American leadership after the attacks on September 14. According to Israeli media, Netanyahu in a closed meeting with his Ministers was much less restrained in wording: the Prime Minister said that the US President Donald trump will not take a sharp effort against Iran before the presidential election of 2020 in America. Without reference to any sources, the Israeli media quoted the Prime Minister, according to which during the whole year the Israelis will have to respond to all threats.

Recently military officials of the Jewish state have expressed fears that Iran in terms of the “silence” of the Pentagon would firmly respond to any military attacks defense Army (IDF). The Israeli planes that had carried out raids not only in Syrian airspace, but in Iraq. In recent weeks, after the United States publicly announced the optimisation of its presence in Syria, Israeli aircraft behaves much more restrained.

This suggests that fears that the Jewish state really is. And this is evident from the statements of local commanders. Commander of the air force of Israel Norkin Amico said this week that all Israeli missile defense systems are in a state of combat readiness for protection against combined attacks from Iran or his loyal forces. He admits that the task of a missile defense system has become more complex given the fact that attacks on Saudi nefteprom 14 Sep wore a fundamentally new character.

According to Netanyahu, the Jewish state could be attacked even from Yemen, where he believes Iran has started the deployment of high-precision missiles. The fact that Yemen is at a distance, in the South of the Arabian Peninsula, the Prime Minister, apparently, do not bother.

The publication Times of Israel reports on the concern of representatives of the IDF regarding the fact that the Iranians may soon try to avenge the constant attacks of alleged Iranian positions in the middle East. As you know, the Pentagon didn’t react to the hit on the drone aircraft, nor to attacks on Saudi Aramco in the night of 14 September.

The U.S. military is considering an asymmetric strategy against Iran, which probably will translate to a confrontation with the Islamic Republic in the field of cybersecurity. To date Netanyahu, which has strong ties with the administration of the American President, has not publicly commented on the lack of response from the United States or Saudi Arabia.

Iran’s military elite, likely to flatter such concerns are the primary regional enemy. But now, apparently, she was busy doing other things – escalating protests in Iraq and in Lebanon.

Iraqi sources in the Western press saying that at a secret meeting in Baghdad, the commander of Iran’s most influential military-political organization “the Islamic revolutionary guards Corps” (IRGC) Qasem Soleimani said the employees of the Iraqi security forces that Tehran will know how to deal with protests. According to the commander, security forces of the Islamic Republic was able to cope with the anger of the protesters.

The purpose of the visit Soleimani in Iraq called an attempt to prevent the resignation of Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi. However, on the violent suppression of the protest wave in Iraq yet no one says the demonstrations are too large scale. However, like in another country with Iranian influence in Lebanon. While it is possible to note that Tehran’s attention switched to events in those States and a full-scale confrontation with Israel will not.

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