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Israel has not forgiven the Kremlin-300 and inciting US to take revenge

Израиль не простил Кремлю С-300 и подбивает США отомстить

Benjamin Netanyahu and his people in the leadership of Israel still can’t decide what to do with Syria. To go to the conflict with Russia apparently does not want to, but diplomatic talent was not enough to disrupt the “crazy plan” of the Kremlin to supply the s-300 systems, “the regime of Bashar al-Assad.”

The Prime Minister of the Jewish state were discussed by telephone with Putin the shooting down of Il-20, and then sent his military officers to Moscow. It did not help. It was reported that Netanyahu tried to get a meeting with Russian President personally, but he refused. Obviously, felt in Syria almost Almighty, Israel was humiliated. He was given to understand that to dictate terms to Russia, he will be no more, although I, admittedly, was too tolerant of Israeli antics in the SAR.

In General, only tel Aviv had not tried to solve your problem, but it was useless. Then Netanyahu decided to go a different way. Who is always ready to help if someone was hurt Russian? Right, United States Of America. It can be said that their specialization in big geopolitics. Not long ago, Bibi (in Israel and elsewhere call Netanyahu — ed.) was in the US, and there he held a meeting with Donald trump. One particular detail about their conversation didn’t tell, but some details still known, and thanks to Netanyahu. He confirmed that he had discussed with the President of the United States shot down the Russian plane, and then cryptically added: “I got what you asked for.”

Israeli media eventually came to the conclusion that their Prime has achieved from trump’s support in the Israeli-Russian confrontation. What form will this support? As we can see now that Washington is acting in the classic manner — comprehensive measures. It all began with diplomatic support for American senior military and civilian officials have repeatedly criticized Russia for its decision to close the Syrian sky from the IDF.

This, of course, Israel, but now he needs something more substantial formidable attacks in the direction of the Kremlin. The main question is whether military support from the United States? It seems to be. In the media leaked information that the Americans at the expense of their own army, gave a nod to prompt the transfer to Israel additional batches of F-35 aircraft. It also States as additional support Israel are going to increase the number of its aircraft in the middle East.

Russian military expert Alexei Leonov previously thought that one of the few ways to support the IDF can be just an extra unit of the F-35. The main focus of the Americans and Israelis do to the fact that these planes, according to the assurances of military specialists of the USA, cannot be detected With-300. The expert believes that, in fact, it is not a fact.

For some time, they’ll have small freedom of action, but only as long as the deployed s-300 will be implemented in the defense system of Syria. This includes not only the transfer and deployment, but also training the local military. When the situation finally is established, everything will fall into place, and the Syrian sky will be under reliable protection. Also, on the assumption of expert, States may refer to the Israelites the electronic warfare aircraft, the Boeing EA-18 Growler and missile complexes “Patriot”.

Turkish expert keram yıldırım believes that the deterioration in Western Syria is not profitable to anyone, except for those States who are willing to resist the joint efforts of Russia and other countries promoting their projects in this part of the Arab Republic. With Israel there is now just such a situation. Up to this point tel Aviv, despite its dependence on Washington did not allow Americans to seriously intervene in their relations with Russia.

“SP”: — And what now?

Now Netanyahu is looking for protection trump and willing to sacrifice even friendship with Putin. He’s still talking about reaching an understanding with Moscow on issues of deconfliction, however, the United States is likely to put before him a choice — either they or the Russian Federation. So now tel Aviv is not associated Russian s-300, and the whims of us officials and military.

“SP”: — And how will it all end?

— In the future any co-operation of the Americans and the Israelis will be promoted under the slogan of countering Iran, however, can seriously hurt the interests of Damascus, Russia and even Turkey. For the listed parties in Western Syria — the area that unites them all. It is for them right now stability is more important than many other issues. Experts fear that the United States can take advantage of this, arguing the need to help Israel. For example, they can force Turkey and Russia to move away from each other. To do this, they have enough capacity and ingenuity. In any case, provocation has not been canceled. Idlib — the most suitable region for the implementation of such plans. If Russia and Turkey get bogged down here as a result of the unfreezing of the conflict, the US will kill two birds at once. First, Ankara is distracted from the Kurdish problem, and secondly, Russia will not have enough resources to counter Israel.

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