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“Iskander” destroyed conventional airfield enemy

«Искандеры» уничтожили условный аэродром врагаThe exercises were involved more than 40 units of military and special equipment.

In the Orenburg region of Russia fighting detachments of rocket connection Central military district (CVO), equipped with operational-tactical missile complexes Iskander-M group launches destroyed conventional airfield enemy in exercises in the Orenburg region.

“The objectives were fulfilled in the conditions close to the fighting. Morning units were alerted, made a 40 km March to the place of concentration of military equipment on a regular and fulfilled group of electronic triggers, given the coordinates of the polygon Totsky,” – said in the message.

It is noted that the exercise was attended by about 200 missile, it was involved more than 40 units of military and special equipment.

Recall that the complex Iskander-M is capable of accurately hitting targets at ranges up to 500 kilometers.

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