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Is preparing to publish the fourth book of the series MEG

“ABC” continues to Spud literary series about spooky ocean animals authored by writer Steve Alten. From the first book of the cycle increased shark blockbuster “Meg: Monster of the deep”, and so loud infopovod could not fail to affect the prospects of publishing the source. We have not only re-released debut novel about Megalodon, but also actively took continue. The approach is already the fourth part.

The book was called “Meg. The devil’s aquarium” (Hell’s Aquarium). Like the previous one, it will be released in the series “The Big Book”.


Under the Philippine sea plate is detected, the Panthalassa an ocean, which has 220 million years — the most unexplored realm on the planet. There are horrible sea creatures, which were considered long extinct.
Four years have passed since angel, the Megalodon, a giant, gave birth to four baby sharks, no less aggressive than their mother, and therefore very dangerous to keep all in the same pool. Suddenly Prince of Dubai offers to buy two grown-up megs for construction in Dubai’s largest aquarium, but puts a condition: megs needs to accompany David, the son of Jonas Taylor. Jonas reluctantly agrees, and David is happy is sent to summer in Dubai, not even knowing that he would have to go to Panthalassa to catch the most dangerous creatures ever to inhabit the Earth!

Hardcover, nearly 500 pages, a huge shark mouth on the cover – as it should be. For the first time. Waiting for the book on sale this month.

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