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Is nothing sacred to these people

Ничего святого у этих людей

The more people and the victims – the better for them. Specially choose the dates and the places where the most people. Nobody otherwise they will not hear and will not notice.

When is the rally in a time of great celebration – once it is clear that the aim of the organizers is to create a powerful people’s excitement. This time the organizers chose June 23 as time pass in St. Petersburg, “Scarlet sails”, which now involved a huge amount of law enforcement services: try uledi the crowd of a million immature students.

The more people, the more Riot police. And therefore clashes with them and provocations. People who are absolutely not important meeting, just fall into the General crowd, perhaps unwittingly, will find adventure on his fifth point. Good chance of Poipet on “hot” news about the detention of bystanders.

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In Moscow, too, decided to “shoot” in the celebration – June 12, although the mayor’s office has offered to officially move on March 16th. But the organizers of the rally is not suitable in the center also not be so many people that you can casually exploit.

Certainly, given the crowd not involved in the rally, as well as themselves “screaming”, the police can’t provide 100% security, thereby providing a reason for the protesters and the opposition in the future to run over the security system and the police.

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Moreover, the man of the hour under house arrest, the investigation still goes, the process did not stand up. What is the meaning of provocation?

And, of course, one of the main shills in the meeting were Alexey Navalny. A very good story in order to stick to someone else’s initiative, and once again, pokipit.

And indeed those who came up with this “great” idea absolutely no sense of respect for ordinary people. They still on the people’s safety. The main thing – to make his case, and there will be others, will suffer if they do notice – it is the last.

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