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Is it possible impoverishment of the people simultaneously with the growth of GDP? In Russia – Yes!

Возможно ли обнищание народа одновременно с ростом ВВП? В России – да!

Finally, the volume of Russia’s GDP exceeded 100 trillion. rubles, Rosstat said. Growth was 2.3%, the highest indicators over the last six years. Exceeded all expectations and sparked a heated debate about its causes. What explains such a surprise?

Just people from the team of the Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin put in the Director’s chair by Rosstat and indicators immediately flooded up. I especially like that the rise is shown in comparison with the previous year – quite decadent. Good thing it’s not 1917! And if you take, say, the year 2012?

Even Rosstat says that the highest growth has given the construction (4,7%) – although all 11 months of 2018, this industry showed a complete lack of growth. Wonders!

Of course, if you raise tariffs, VAT, cost of fuel, etc., then one will increase the losses, but others – income. That is, the population in the bulk will get poorer (because the cost has increased), but the GDP will really grow!

Is it possible economic growth while reducing the level of welfare of the population? We have – Yes. Another good way is to devalue the ruble, and then GDP in rubles from hit to growth, and without the slightest effort of lords economic Ministers. If the ruble to collapse even in 2 times, GDP will rise to 200 trillion. rubles. However, the population then utterly impoverished, but that’s okay. It just does not fit into the market.

GDP growth at the expense of emptying the pockets of the Russians – is indeed economic breakthrough, which is not thought of in any other country in the world!

Just a question: what’s next? People begin to die, will go to the sale territories?

In addition to the record growth of the Russian economy is showing a record and the imbalance of income distribution between wersjami and roots. The first row is increasingly, indigenous people have less. All our growth goes into the pockets of the powerful crooks, and those who provide this growth, on the contrary, are going down.

Like in Russia created “metropolis” and “colony”. In “metropolis,” where were officials, deputies, oil magnates and other oligarchs, as well as personnel – it is possible to live, though not as good as abroad, where run away children of the higher castes. The rest of the citizens trapped in “the colony”. There are a lot of official poor and the needy – which Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, commander of the Order of Saint-Charles (Monaco), said, “We don’t know what they are doing”. These colonised natives only Rob (via VAT, fuel excise duties, other taxes embedded in every product of the first necessity). They have no chance for a better life – while all of the foam from the amazing growth of our economy goes exclusively into the pockets of the colonizers.

…Perhaps the term “oreshkinsky statistics” will eventually be on a par with the likes of “Potemkin villages” and “robbing Peter to pay Paul”. If only, the main thing – not “wooden Mac”…

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