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iRobot Roomba s9+ – best robot vacuum

Recent robotic vacuum cleaners have become permanent “residents,” many of the apartments. Agree, very convenient when cleaning takes on someone (or something) else. But there is one caveat: the vast majority of automated cleaners cannot be called truly Autonomous, because the user is necessary after each cleaning to empty the dust container manually. The engineers at iRobot have long struggled with the solution to this problem until you come up with an elegant solution: a specially designed charging station pumps out garbage to yourself. In the end, to deal with him will have every two or three months! The newest model equipped with this system – Roomba s9+ which was at us on the tests.


The robot is Packed into a large square box, most of which is the same station Clean Base. Also included: spare garbage bag, HEPA filter and side brush and the power cord. Hardware “virtual walls” is not provided, as to limit the movement of the robot using the app.


Housing Roomba s9+, made of black plastic, has a D-shaped, which not only allows you to deal with the debris close to the floor, but also less stuck in comparison with round shape. Dimensions of the vacuum cleaner 32x31x9 cm and a weight of 3,7 kg.

In front, on a flat portion mounted spring loaded bumper, preventing damage to furniture in a collision, the rear are holes for the air outlet. In the center is a round cover, under which is mounted a dust bag with a volume of 400 ml. For cleaning one cleaning of the apartment will be enough with the stock, and then the debris will move to the base.

Filter meets the HEPA filter, mounted inside the container. Its design allows you to capture tiny dust particles, mites and germs. Around the perimeter of the cover features a led ring, for color display which you can learn about the state of the robot: it cleans, on a base or requires assistance. On one corner there are three control buttons: “Clean”, “Spot” and “Home”. “On the nose” placed infrared sensor and rear – camera, with which the robot is oriented in space.

The main contribution to the quality of cleaning is making a turbo brush, consisting of two rubber rolls, rotating towards each other: one, raking debris closer, and the other sends him inside. Roomba s9+ effectively cope with both dust and larger particles, like LEGO bricks. An acoustic sensor that analyzes the degree of contamination and, if necessary, forcing the robot to carefully treat the surface. To the side is a rotating brush with 5 brushes that rake debris out of corners.

Thanks to the two wheels with lots of suspension travel, the cleaner is easy to overcome thresholds and climbs on the carpets. The rear is a small movie. The bottom also has a hole with a membrane, through which is pumped the trash in the station, and next to it is a pair of contact pads. Around the perimeter of the hull mounted sensor that protects the vacuum cleaner from falling off eyelashes.

Clean Base is stable enough to the robot during the Parking it is not moved. Top sets of replaceable pack, which pumped the waste from the vacuum cleaner. For a one-bedroom apartment, one bag is enough for almost 3 months.


To interact with Roomba s9+ the easiest way branded mobile app iRobot. To get started, you need to “make friends” smartphone cleaner, which we clamp buttons “Home” and “Spot” and follow the prompts on the screen. The procedure takes a few minutes, and upon completion, the robot voice will tell that is ready to work. Speaker is used and in order to determine the position of the Roomba, if it’s somewhere stuck.

For navigation system is applied vSLAM: in progress builds a virtual map of the apartment, which not only facilitates the robot orientation, but also allows the user to give commands to a target cleaning rooms, as well as to determine the position of the virtual walls. On the build cards, spent three or four cleanings, it is also possible to force the robot to build a map, without performing cleaning of the premises.

Cleaning should be invisible to the user, and Roomba s9+ with it, because it can be programmed to clean on a schedule by setting the time and specific room. You can manually start it by simply pressing the Clean button on the main screen. Interestingly, if you have another device iRobot, for example, cleaning Braava jet m6, then the app will be offered immediately after the completion of dry cleaning, wet start.

In the settings you can choose the options of cleaning: thorough, quiet or automatic selection, and set the number of passes. The app allows you to track the area and the cleaning and filling of the container, the battery and wear parts. You can control with voice commands Google Home Alexa or Amazon.

With all the convenience of remote control, it is sometimes necessary and manual. A typical example of where I’ve spilled something and need to clear the local area. It’s enough to bring the robot to the pollution and click the “Spot”. Roomba will move in a spiral, until you describe a circle with a radius of about a meter. The key “Home” will help, if the cleaner is, for some reason, did not return independently to base, and “Clean” will come in handy if I decided to triple the cleaning, but you don’t have smartphone.


Before operating, the Roomba is s9+ should charge it for 2 hours and also make sure to Clean Base installed bag. The vacuum cleaner is trying to clean up consistently: first, cleans one room, then moves on to another. Sometimes, however, the robot still breaks in a half, went to vacuum the bedroom, and only then returns and finishes with the first room. Full cleaning “kopeck piece” with an open surface of 25 sq m, the robot took about hour without a map and about 40 minutes when the last one was built. Vacuum cleaner can work non-stop for two hours, and if this is insufficient, then continue from the same place after the automatic recharging.

Suction power, compared to previous models, increased 40 times. Due to this, Roomba efficiently cleans not only a smooth coating, and carpets. During the harvest last, the power and the noise noticeably increased. With laminate all the garbage the cleaner removes completely, and on the carpet after one pass should be no more than 10% of the original amount that is not less effective than using a traditional cleaner. Cleaner copes with carpets, pile height not exceeding 25 mm, though a small rug, Roomba may start to drive throughout the apartment. Furniture he’s not ramming, carefully avoid obstacles and removing debris in the immediate vicinity.

When the mission is completed, the cleaner returns to the base where it is cleaned. This process is quite loud, but lasts only a few seconds. Service robot quite simple: once a month you should wipe the body of dust, rinse the container and remove the dust filter annually replace a corner brush and a HEPA filter, and once in two years to change the rolls.


Roomba s9+ best offer on market for automatic dry cleaning: vacuum cleaner confidently collects any debris from the floor of the carpet and near the walls, clearly focusing in space. Clean Base – a really useful invention, which makes the cleaner virtually independent from man. A handy app allows you to set virtual walls, start cleaning schedule and keep statistics. Unfortunately, the robot is able to perform wet cleaning, for this he required an assistant in the form Braava jet m6. For the best you always have to pay a lot, and Roomba s9+ is no exception: in the official store robot sold at a price of 109 300 rubles.

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