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Irkutsk authorities failed to behalf of Putin about the victims of the floods residents

Иркутские власти провалили поручение Путина о помощи пострадавшим от наводнений жителям

Russian popular front (onf) on a press-conferences in Irkutsk has presented the results of monitoring of assistance to victims of floods in the Irkutsk region. The monitoring allowed to detect numerous violations, according to the website movement.


The monitoring group of the onf interviewed 305 people in 15 affected communities. Almost 70% of respondents said that they do not know where you can get help to recover the documents and to consult. Residents are forced to turn to private lawyers, to get the required compensation, housing certificate or certificate for repairs. In addition, most of the surveyed settlements do not exist in mobile communication and the Internet, so information posted on the website of the regional government, is clearly sufficient to alert citizens.


About the problems with the payment of compensation to the said 90% of the respondents. So, 86-year-old resident of the village of Salt Markhabat nasybullina applied for the valuation of the property in August, but the Commission never came. Relatives of the women hired lawyers to get compensation through the courts.


In the village of ascension, twice lost documents in the village administration. There’s also one of the residents told the activists of the popular front that could not be compensated for loss of crop because it failed to fix the damage due to the lack of camera. The threshold of the resident refused all compensation and payments under the pretext of flooding the house groundwater.


In all surveyed monitoring group settlements of people are afraid that will not have time to use a certificate issued by the housing officials have set a deadline of moving before November 15, although some people have not yet received certificates. About the need to help in the design of the certificate stated 64% of respondents. Of these, 57% do not agree with the acts of the interdepartmental Commission for assessment of the damage, but they have no means of challenging these decisions. About the problem with documents (the house is not privatized, lost documents, etc.) said 42% of the population.


The interdepartmental Commission in most cases came immediately after the flood, so are unable to assess the real damage that became apparent after some time. Present at the press conference, a resident of Turov, Andrey Nikitin said that he could not achieve not only compensation, but even the inspection of the house. A resident of the village ascension Elena Vasina said that she was forced to abandon the land to obtain the certificate for new housing. As a resident of the village of Arshan Love Dontsova said at a press conference about the uninhabitable home of his 77-year-old brother, officials proposed a major overhaul. People don’t know how I’ll survive the winter, they do not provide compensation for loss of property, officials recorded only damage on the basis of the three acres of garden on a plot area of 20 acres.


Local and regional authorities was eliminated from the decision problem of repair of public housing. Officials say that money for repair of the regional authorities will allocate until the spring of next year. That is, residents will spend the winter in houses with deep cracks, cracked furnaces, sunken floors, a crumbling Foundation.


“There was a clear instruction of the President to specifically fulfill each problem, the situation of every person affected by the floods. It was necessary to create a mobile consulting group, which could pass on all human settlements, to interview every resident. Should form groups to help the elderly to collect the necessary documents to obtain certificates for housing, to repair, to gather the necessary information,” – said co-Chairman of the regional headquarters of the popular front in the Irkutsk region Sergey Apanovich.

Meanwhile, the Investigation Committee intends to check the information about that part of the victims of the floods residents of the Irkutsk region it received 10 thousand rubles from the Federal budget. Stories about it is simultaneously released on two Federal channels, referring to local residents and onf.

“On one of Federal channels spoke about the problems residents of the city of Tulun of the Irkutsk region who lost their homes in the floods earlier this summer. Funds from the Federal budget received on time, but, despite the fact that the region has already arrived cold, the issue of providing habitable premises by local officials is still not solved”, – reads the statement of the RF IC, which cites “Taiga.Info”. It is reported that people have not received even an initial payment of 10 thousand rubles. Chairman SK the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin has instructed to conduct an audit.

What kind of Federal channel in question, the SC said. But on 10 November, on the “Russia 1” in the program “Vesti of the week” released a story called “Without housing and money: Irkutsk officials warn that did not, and increase his salary”, and on November 11 the plot of are not provided housing for the inhabitants of the Tulun came on the First channel.

Also in September, in charge of the liquidation of consequences of flood in Irkutsk region Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko said that the Federal government has not transferred any payments to the victims.


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