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Irina Agibalova and Tatiana Afrikantov of “House-2” scandal on TV


Irina Agibalova has become very popular in the Network after participating in the reality show “Dom-2”. However, could not touch the “talibanesque” and the reverse side of the coin: Irina often comes criticism.

Some time ago there were rumors that Irina was in prison! This statement made by the mother of another member of the reality Marina Afrikantov Tatiana. She recorded a video message in Periscope: “don’t tell me I’m worse than Agibalova and I it is far. Agibalova was in prison, I have a paper which says that she was serving a sentence of four years. She just keeps her past cooking in the kitchen.”

She Agibalova in response to such statements filed in court on Afrikantova: now it requires a million rubles for moral damages. The two women recently met in the Studio of the NTV show “Talk show”.

Tatiana Afrikantov

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“Tatiana claims that I have a file, a folder where it tells me that I spent four years in the colony and are a fraud, “seckau”. It is important that you touch the memory of my late father, saying that I had another maiden name and I was cheating… since I have know Tatyana Vladimirovna, and I understand that it is useless to talk, I wrote her daughter Marina,” said Irina.

Irina Agibalova

However, Afrikantov was clearly not configured peaceful: “This woman deserves to be insulted last words. Irina, want to build Sobchak? Yes, you are “tops” sticking out from the pockets… I think you brought up area. Irina wanted to attract me to the event, told me that her friend Diane’s birthday. I gave the nod to go along to the party. In that event, she tried to get me drunk”.

After that, according to Africanoboi, the Network has published the images where she is depicted in a very questionable form.

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In the Studio there was even a mom Irina Agibalova: “Tatyana has slandered our family. I cry, I hate and ashamed that we have so lowered. We are not the last family in the place where we lived. I have two degrees, a husband is the head, we are quite wealthy family. We don’t know what a prison is, and thank God. Nor my family, no one. Tatiana dropped us through the floor. I’m worried really, I’m after a big heart attack, I had two mini-strokes”.

After this announcement, Tatiana Afrikantov knelt in front of her and apologized, but refused his words and intentions. “The words I ain’t gonna. See you in court. The documents will be, when appointed by the court and I get a summons,” said Afrikantov.

Irina Agibalova and Tatiana Afrikantov

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