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Irena Ponaroshku will try to find the elixir of youth in a new programme about health

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Irena Ponaroshku was leading a new program on TV channel TV-3, entitled “health: a Fun and in earnest.” The show starts may 13. In the air of Irena will be to understand all the innovations in the field of health: she will tell about the staggering discoveries and daring experiments bordering on recklessness.

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As part of the show host and guests will discuss unusual topics from the medical field. In the center of the story is always a different story, unique in its kind. Viewers will be able together with the leading to try to find the elixir of youth, develop a photographic memory and x-ray vision, and learn all about the immortal cells.

“I have always been interested in the secrets of beauty, but beauty is not always and not all directly associated health, although in reality they are two completely related things. In this program, we give viewers tips and lifehacks share in the field of medicine, which at the same time work on the beauty of the human body and its health”, – shares his impressions of Irena herself.

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