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Iran for a day will destroy Saudi Arabia

Ирана за сутки может уничтожить Саудовскую Аравию

Iran able to destroy Saudi Arabia for a day. While he will not even need a nuclear weapon, said the TV channel ITON.TV Israeli analyst Yaakov Kedmi.

Ирана за сутки может уничтожить Саудовскую Аравию

Tehran enough only half an hour in order to incapacitate all desalination plants in Saudi Arabia. Given the fact that these infrastructures, which are of great importance for Riyadh, absolutely defenseless against missile attack by Iran, the situation takes a very sharp turn for the Kingdom. Without fresh water, much of which comes from these plants, the country would not last more than a day.

“Iran holds by the throat the middle East. And Saudi Arabia, and Gulf countries,” – said the expert.

According to 2011 data, in the Persian Gulf worked 294 desalination plant water. In Saudi Arabia was 128 of the total. It is noteworthy that the inhabitants of this middle Eastern States spent an average order 263 litres of fresh water per day. For comparison, in the UK, this figure did not exceed 193 liters, and in Germany and is equal to 149 liters. This consumption has an impact on the economy. So, in 2014, Riyadh had to allocate about 1.5 million barrels of crude oil per day, while producing 11.5 million barrels.

In addition to Saudi Arabia a risk to remain without fresh water present in UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar. Experts agree that the United Arab Emirates in case of termination of operation of the plants will stretch two days, and Qatar just over a day. To summarize, Kedmi said that the military potential of Iran allows it, if necessary, implement such a plan in life, simultaneously destroying American military bases in the Persian Gulf.

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