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IPhone owners complain about X for the next problem

Владельцы iPhone X жалуются на очередную проблемуOn iPhone X there are problems with Face ID for family purchases

The owners of iPhone X new problem – as it turned out, Apple online store there is no approval for a “family purchase” through a system of facial recognition Face ID. Family members have to enter the password of the account to confirm the download. While older models with Touch ID, the system operates normally.

The owner of the iPhone X and the father of three children: I checked all the settings I could find, dumped them, even removed the Apple ID from your device and re-connected. But, unfortunately, he still wants me to enter a password. Interestingly, Apple still allows to use Touch ID on the iPad, so it’s some specific thing for iPhone X and Face ID

One of the possible versions is a visual likeness between relatives, due to which the system fails. On the other hand, this means that close family members (e.g. children) will be able to circumvent Face ID on the device family (e.g., parents) and make a purchase.

Apple has not yet commented on the situation, but previously, Apple has stated that such problems may arise.

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