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iPhone might “spy” for users without their knowledge

iPhone может «подсматривать» за пользователями без их ведомаiPhone caught spying on users

Felix Krause, the Creator of the Fastlane.Tools and part-time employee of Google, found that any iOS app can “spy” for users without their knowledge.

As it turned out, once received the access to the camera, the program will operate in standard mode, and its developers will be able to photograph or shoot video of everything that happens.

To demonstrate this vulnerability, Felix Krause wrote an app that simulates a conventional social network. When run, it requests access to the camera, ostensibly to do an avatar photo, is a standard practice for such services. But then the program starts to load tape images shot in the background on the front camera.

The engineer claims that the vulnerability allows you to upload photos and videos to the application server, including the stream in real-time with your iPhone. He decided that the attackers can determine a user’s location based on the pictures or run facial recognition to determine his identity. Additionally, this is a great tool for advertising organizations that can monitor the human reaction to a particular product.

The developer argues that the only way to protect yourself is the use of stickers covering the camera lens. Apple has not yet commented on the situation.

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