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iPhone 8 tested

iPhone 8 испытали на прочностьThe new Apple smartphone has glass on both sides and one-piece frame of metal, but as far as it is durable?

Tester phones jerryrigeverything once posted a video that answers this question.

As you can see below, the glass on the front and rear panels of the new phone has the level of resistance to scratches iPhone 7. This means that keys, coins or other objects you usually carry in your pockets, will not leave scratches on front and back of the phone.

According to Apple, the back camera 8 iPhone protected by a sapphire crystal. However, it seems the glass is not quite sapphire crystal, its durability is below and to the strength of the glass rear panel. Resistance to bending is better than the previous model, lose their water resistance because of damage to the adhesive.

Maintainability also at a good level, display battery and fairly easy to replace other components, like most modern equipment, repairing will be more difficult.

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